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A congenital transtibial amputee. ASPIRE has provided several prosthetic legs for David as he progresses through his developmental stages, allowing him to learn how to walk.

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Bracha is a hip disarticulation amputee who lost her leg at 1 years old due to Cancer. ASPIRE has provided Bracha with her first running leg of which she is now able to run, an incredible achievement for a hip disarticulation amputee.

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As a result of meningitis at 6 months Moshe became a quadrilateral amputee. ASPIRE has provided Moshe with running prosthesis so he is able to run around with his friends at camp.

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Julez is a congenital transtibial amputee who received a swim leg so he is able to get in and out of the pool during the summer.

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Ruth is a congenital amputee who was born with PFFD (Proximal Femoral Focal Deficiency) ASPIRE has provided Ruth with a running prosthesis.

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At 11 years old Emily was diagnosed with Cancer and as a result had her left leg amputated at the hip. We provided Emily with her prosthesis allowing her to walk independently. Emily s also a 3 Paralympian and was the first Paraclimber to compete at ISFC World Championships for South Africa.

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As Weslie recently lost both his legs above the knee, ASPIRE provided Weslie with SideKicks. Helping Weslie build up his strength and better prepare him for his walking prostheses

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David is a congenital amputee, triathlete and NYC fireman. ASPIRE assisted David with travel and accommodation expenses for the 2018 Ironman Maryland.



After a traumatic car accident, Donald received running blades and rock climbing prostheses so he may continue his passion of sports.

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Tomasz became an amputee in 2016 from a car accident. We have provided him with his everyday walking and running prostheses. Tomasz has completed 15 marathons and 17 half marathons.

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Joel is an expedition photographer who become a transtibial amputee from a traumatic motorcycle accident. ASPIRE assisted Joel with his out of pocket expenses in order to receive his first prosthetic leg.

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As a congenital partial foot amputee ASPIRE provided Milo with a silicone foot prosthesis. This provides Milo with stability and support to walk/run/play while looking aesthetic.



In 1982 Ricardo lost his left leg below the knee in a motorcycle accident. Since then Ricardo became more involved in wheelchair racing and to date has competed in 63 Marathons, 22 triathlons and 4 Ironman Triathlons.



As a cancer survivor and adaptive rock climber, Phillip has competed for USA at 3 World Paraclimbing Championships.